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luisBefore I started working with Lorena, I found myself living a life with no purpose and guide, pretty much, I was following a pathless road. I remembered telling myself “I gotta change my life, my life should be better” but for whatever reason, I was not doing the things my subconscious was telling me to do… Then, I was blessed to find Lorena. Her words of advice and wisdom really made me see life differently. She encouraged me to open up to myself and live life as if it was my last day on earth.. And I did! Oh boy, everything changed from there… it was day after day that her encouragement and perfect words really helped me get out of the rut I was in.. Lorena helped me discover my true potential and made me take risks and not to be afraid of failure… I am a different person because of her….. I am living my life without if’s, but’s, and maybe’s. I learned that time will pass regardless of the circumstance or situation and that it’s up to us to be whatever we want to be…. She helped me discover the person and potential I had in me all along…and for that I will always be forever thankful!

Luis L., Flight Attendant, Los Angeles CA


I am genuinely happy to have worked with Lorena. Prior to meeting her, I was working nonstop without enjoying what I was working so hard for. I was constantly living for the past and the future. Lorena guided me in the direction of self love and enjoyment of my life bringing focus into the present moment, allowing me to find my true life’s purpose.



Elizabeth P, Founder of Gift With a Pink Ribbon, Miami FL (www.giftwithapinkribbon.com)


drakePrior to working with Lorena, I was lacking balance in my life. I was constantly indulging in extremes. From long hours working, to putting pressure on myself to find the ‘next step’. I’ve learned from Lorena to love where I am in the moment, focus on goals but not stress about them, and to simply enjoy my life. Now I understand that it’s important to work on my dreams a little everyday, but not to put pressure on myself to the point of breaking. Essentially, going with the flow and staying positive is the key that I learned from the process. I will forever be thankful for the time and interest Lorena has taken in making my days a little brighter. 🙂

Drake D., AYC Miami Rental Management, Miami Beach FL (www.aycmiami.com)

photoBefore I started the coaching program with Lorena, I was very doubtful of who I was and in which direction my life was going. I was not sure of myself and my decisions and always seemed to be worrying about money, life, love and everything in between. I have spent six months working with Lorena and feel like so much about me has changed. My vision for what I want in life is no longer blurry. I am more sure of myself and can now make truly specific goals that I know I can work for and are attainable. I do not worry about money or finances or love or even my job – Lorena has helped showed me the necessary ways to evolve and become a much better person who is sure of myself and believes in success. I highly recommend anyone to work with Lorena!!!

Ozmy Z., Lead Concierge, Miami Beach FL


wendyWhen I first met Lorena I was busy working full-time (60 hours a week) in addition to trying to start a company for myself late at night. I met her during a workshop which led me to the Life/Spiritual Coaching that she offered. At first I didn’t think “I” needed life or spiritual coaching, but because there is always room for improvement I decided “ why not”.

After only a few sessions I realized how hectic my life was because I did not have my priorities clear. After a couple of sessions I found myself stepping back and looking at the big picture. I was able to spend more quality time with my daughter which happened about 3 hours a WEEK before to spending an hour of quality time DAILY and still successfully manage my two companies. Its funny because believe it or not, I even increased sales 20% and have spent less time on Instagram trying to promote my business. I am so grateful to have met her, the universe answered my prayers and put her in my path.

Wendy S., Business Owner, Fort Lauderdale, FL (www.crystalandquartzconnection.com)



Lorena. I want to send you a note to tell you that I believe my life started to change, BIG TIME the moment I saw that your course was offered for the CACR. On the Angelic Whispers From the Other Side group. I still remember I made the decision to contact you to inquire about your course for training and certification. I was sitting in the car (it was too cold out) as I scrolled down FB. I was watching my nephew practice his soccer.

Little did I know then.. and I’m glad you were great about prompt replies to inquiries! LOL But..seriously little did I know then that that moment was indeed a key turning point in my life. Then, the one time you offered me a ‘coaching’ session instead of the class.. Whew! I truly believe the Angels and Light Beings guided you, no doubt. Because, it was after that coaching that I decided that as much as I love, LOVE, cartomancy… it was not my total ‘calling.’ Which is to say, that it was that night that I mentioned I’d started to resume my Hypnosis training studies. I’d read about Dolores Cannon and her QHHT. It was something I couldn’t afford at the time.

Anyway… as I took the leap of faith and took the exam for becoming a certified hypnosis consultant.. I knew it was PLRs that I’d wanted to do. I have dozens of books I’ve collected all pertaining to the subject.. collected for over 10 years. Well, to make it short.. it was the coaching session that made me shift intra-psychically. I knew I was seeking something. Something to do with my life. My spirit. My intuition. Something that I could use my psychology degree with on some level as well.

I told you how a received a $ gift in the EXACT amount that it cost me to take the course for becoming CHt. Then, I was offered a very VERY part time book keeping type job and I took it. (its more like free-lancing) whenever the extra help is needed. Well with that, I was able to do something very unexpected.. (unexpected on the personal conscious level which is to say ego-based..because Spirit knew all along). Well remember the last night that we had our final class… and toward the end you told me of Alba Weinman? You mentioned “Dolores Cannon?” Aha! That was the moment I knew I was being directed yet again!..

I prayed and asked the Universe for signs and answers and there they were. I was reminded that what I wanted to be a certified hypnosis practitioner for was not just to do PLRs.. but instead for the point or purpose of conducting them which ultimately is for Healing. Lo and behold, I was given a little more $ assistance and I was able to take the QHHT course! (online course with the discount as offered on Alba’s site). I had to put the difference on my credit card, but let me tell you…

I am in complete AWE… more than ever before in my life….at HOW the Universe orchestrates things when one really allows it to. Needless to say.. I immersed myself in the studies, the online modules the handbook, the reading material and study material and one of her books..

Just this afternoon I took my test for becoming a QHHT certified practitioner. I passed that too! And, I know without a doubt whatsoever that my ultimate calling is to do QHHT. The CACR will be supplement to it. But, seriously… the material in Dolores Cannon’s course has been a reminder that I needed to get busy helping people by collaborating with Spirit. I want to thank you very much for your part in facilitating the particularly great and immense spiritual growth spurt that I suddenly experienced this spring! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

I appreciate the wonderful spiritual energy that you share and am feeling so grateful to your coaching session that one session made me think a lot about what I could do what I wanted to do more than anything.

I can pretty much say now that I feel I’m definitely on my way to be a greater instrument of purpose on this wonderful earth in this magnificent Universe!

Marleen G. , QHHT Practitioner, San Antonio Texas








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