I Speak Spirit…

You must be wondering what I mean by “I speak spirit”. Let me explain. I learned the language of “spirit” the same way we all learned symbols that later translated into our native language. Understanding the culture, my abilities and the different ways to communicate by blending my energy with those in another realm, have been the key in learning to speak “spirit”.

As a child, I thought that everyone spoke spirit in addition  to their native tongue. To me, it was as normal as brushing my teeth every morning. At age 12, I recall reading all of my mother’s metaphysic books and feeling a sense of knowing. Almost as if I was reliving past memories.

While in high school and college, this part of me remained dormant and undeveloped. It was not until I reached the age of 30 that my sense of purpose hit me like a big truck going 100 MPH.

I was on a mission. My internal source was asking the right questions and the universe was opening the avenues to receive the correct answers. I was a passenger of a train that had no breaks. It was up to me to take advantage of the wealth of information coming my way. Where the train would stop, I wasn’t sure. I did know however, that I was going to open myself up to the opportunity to find myself.

I invite you to challenge your mind and question every conviction you have been programed to believe as truth, while finding answers to so many questions that linger in your mind.