Meditation vs Prayer

Those of us that have been raised the traditional way have been taught to “pray”. It’s that magical tool we are given since childhood that can bring us a little bit closer to heaven. Now, is prayer and meditation the same thing?

To me, prayer is the act of blending our energy with the source and getting our message through; and having faith that whatever we are conveying is heard by spirit. Meditation, in the other hand is a conscious act of becoming present, in the moment and just existing. No asking, just allowing.

What they do have in common is, THE INTENSION/EMOTION. It is important that before we start our prayer or meditation we set our intention out there and ensure that our emotions match the intention. Sometimes, we pray for someone else’s health but our emotions at the moment are focused on the fact that we haven’t been able to pay the rent. So, even though in our mind, we want to dedicate our prayer to our friend, our emotions are sending the real message for spirit to show us creative ways to come up with the rent payment instead.

Buddhist Monk

Buddhist monk

Meditation is a passive way to connect with spirit while prayer is an active way to do the same. During meditation, we are to let go of every thought and just allow for the feelings to flow with no judgment. In the other hand, when we pray there is usually level of expectation that lingers.

A great tip that I can give you in regards to praying is to focus on “Gratitude”. Going into prayer with a grateful heart can open up more doors than going in with a merely “ASKING” attitude. The universe tends to repeat patterns depending on your emotions therefore, if your INTENSION/EMOTION when praying is focused on “Gratitude”, the universe will ensure to continue giving you more reasons to be grateful for.

So, regardless if you choose to pray or meditate or do both, always remember that our emotions are the ones sending the messages to spirit.