“Now” or later?

The time is NOW

The time is NOW

Living in the “now” has been one of the most challenging concepts that I’ve had to face when I started my spiritual journey. Everyone is talking about it, yoga studios, buddhist temples, TV commercials….But what is to live in the now?

This is definitely easier said than done. We as humans have been programed to be very goal oriented, to think ahead and to plan our dinners before we are done with lunch. In this day in age with all of the technology around us it is harder than ever to live in the “Now”.

How many times have we caught ourselves snapping a picture of a meal we are about to enjoy before we even taste it? or looking back at photographs of your vacation just to realize that we spent more time taking photos than taking in the smells, views, sounds and people around us?

Have we lost ourselves in this false identity that has pushed us further away from being present? What can we do to stop this trend and start enjoying our “Now”?

I will give you several tips that have helped me be more present:

  • Spend quiet time on your own.
  • When enjoying quality time with family or friends leave your phone in a place that you  don’t feel you have to reach every 30 seconds.
  • when showering in the morning, enjoy the water on your skin and make a conscious effort to feel and appreciate what you are receiving.
  • Meditate.
  • Contemplate beautiful things such as a flower and give it your undivided attention and see how you perceive it.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Do an extreme activity (sport). This is of instant gratification! When doing a sport/activity that requires your immediate reaction without allowing your thinking mind to get in the way, it forces you to keep yourself in the moment.