What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color? We all have one. It’s the first color that comes to mind when  buying your favorite things. But, have you ever really analyzed why you are so attracted to this color?

If you pay close attention, sometimes you will notice that you see a specific color everywhere you turn. Very similar to the numbers, some colors just pop up and will continue to show until we acknowledge them. Colors have different meanings depending on your focus of interest. Some people relate colors to auras, chakras and angels.


My favorite color is…

For instance, when I see the color green, I immediately think of Archangel Raphael and his healing abilities. However, when I see the color purple I immediately know that I’m in the presence of valuable information that is being provided to me. You don’t need to follow a specific pattern for interpreting these signs. This is your personal communication with source. These symbols help you create your own dictionary and are all based on your own interpretations, needs and desires.

When I work on a psychic level, I tend to utilize colors to get an immediate snapshot of the persons current emotional status and can provide immediate feedback. When in meditation I see colors and interpret them as the flow of energy passing through my chakra points. If I’m performing Reiki, I tend to visualize the color green as it represents a healing energy.

As you can see, you can utilize, combine or create your own meanings to colors by using your own intuition. My future posts will explain in more detail each color interpretation and what role they play with chakras, auras and angels and how we can incorporate them into a daily lives.