Angels and their language of colors

As I mentioned in my previous post, when I see the color green I immediately think of Archangel Raphael and his healing power. If you like working with angels for protection, healing or any other help; it is important to know their names and the colors that they represent so that you can easily access them.

See below a list of some of the Archangels in charge of the Angels in each color ray:


How to call upon them?

Angels are a vibration that can be tapped into when we focus upon them. There are different ways to achieve the same results. For instance, if we consciously make the decision to wear the color blue for protection, we are immediately connecting with Archangel Michael by thought. As I have mentioned before, our emotions and desires are catalysts of energy that help us tune in into the desired vibration.

During the meditation process you can focus upon a color and receive the benefits of the angels. Sometimes, when you don’t focus on anything and just sit in silence with your eyes closed, colors will start appearing and you will be able to identify which angel is with you at that moment.

You can also call upon the angels by asking in prayer. Share with them your needs and concerns and thank them for their help and support. Call upon them by name and your vibration will immediately get in tuned with theirs.

Angels are always willing and available for us. They are just waiting for us to allow them in. Open yourself to the light an colors of the angels and feel the unconditional love and support flowing in your life.