Grounding yourself

photo-4One of the basic things to learn when walking in your spiritual path¬†is to “ground yourself”. Yes, you want to be enlightened and meditate for hours but we cannot forget that there is a reason why we are on the earth plane and part of our growth is to experience life.

We always need to have a balance between the physical and spiritual plane. If we only focus on earth experiences we will limit our spiritual growth. However, focusing only on your enlightenment process without practicing your knowledge in the physical world is like going to college and never getting a job to practice what you have already learned.

photo-3But, how do we ground ourselves? One of my favorite things to do is to be in nature. I love walking barefoot in the sand, sitting by the water or just taking random nature walks. You can also go to the gym or on a bike ride. Go to the movies, share with friends and family and enjoy what this experience brings into your life with no hidden agendas or expectations. Play with your pet! and enjoy their unconditional love.

Grounding yourself should feel how weekends feel after a long work/study week. Is like giving your muscles a break after a hard workout so that they can rebuild and become stronger. Always remember that to allow for things to sink in, for changes to settle and for new ideas to flourish, we need to give it the necessary space to do so.