How much for a “calling card” to heaven

04a59d6824f330913d4e7fbda9304497Im sure that at this point in our lives we have all experienced the loss of a loved one. It is that moment that we all know is coming but we all want to pretend that it never will. I always wondered what happened to people when they passed and why we couldn’t keep “in touch” with them.

Throughout the years I’ve learned that our loved ones are still with us but in a different vibration. The best way I can describe it is that our deceased loved ones are in a radio station in FM while we are in a radio station in AM. But, can I switch my “station” and play in FM and communicate with my loved ones?

The answer is yes, we all have the capability to raise our vibration and keep in communication with our loved ones. Granted, it will not be via text or telephone but telepathically, via dreams and signs. As I have mentioned before, one of the main things we need to get in the habit of doing is meditating. Quieting our minds allows us to raise our vibration and make better connections with our higher self, guides and loved ones.

Be patient and forgiving with yourself as this is not an easy task. The more you try to force things the further it will become. This is just as if you were learning a new language. A complete new way of communication without the tools that we are all use to in the modern world.


Have you ever been thinking about a loved who has passed and all of a sudden a song that use to be his/her favorite comes on the radio out of the blue? How about walking on the street and having a stranger give you a flower the same color as your loved one’s favorite? These are just two examples of many synchronicities that occur when our loved ones are trying to tell us that they are still with us. So, how do we communicate back? Simple, by thought and emotions. We connect with our deceased loved ones when we think of them, when we remanace memories and let them know that they are deeply missed and loved.


We all dream of our passed loved ones once in a while but please know that when they are coming to us via dreams they tend to present themselves very quickly and to the point. Usually they will not speak as they are communicating with you telepathically. Our loved ones will come through our dreams to give us messages in a way that we can understand.


Communication through telepathy does take a little bit more training and dedication but is not impossible. Usually, when I connect to spirit I do it in a mediumistic platform while using telepathy. You need to have the ability to calm yourself and set your intention of blending with spirit while raising your vibration.  Because in the spirit world, the physical body doesn’t exist and no vocal cords are available to them, other ways for communication are utilized such as telepathy. The use of sounds, symbols and cents can be utilized by spirit to communicate. (clairaudient ,clairvoyant and clairsentience). I will write in more detail about how mediums connect and communicate with spirit in another article.

Rest assured that our loved ones that have passed are in a place filled with unconditional love and are available to us for anything that we need during our own journey.