Inspirational Writing…

SignatureI was honered to participate today in an inspirational writting class taught by an amazing and talented lady from *SNUI  and I have to said that I was able to notice the difference between writing from our minds vs allowing for spirit to write through us. The online class started with beautiful music to achieve a relaxed state. The teacher proceeded to give us words and each one of us had to write the first word that came to our minds. For example, sky…, wind……etc…

After completing this exercise, we were asked to pick the last word we said and to write a sentence. My last word was: Confusion and I wrote a simple sentence expressing how I felt it was so confusing the concept of death. (Unfortunately, I lost my internet connection and my sentence) The teacher read out load each sentence and selected another word so that we could write another sentence with.

Before we would proceed, she would take us on a short-guided meditation to get us closer to spirit and then asked us to proceed with the writing. My Second sentence was as follows:

There is no reason to feel the way I do because deep down in my heart I know that my loved ones are here with me.

We continued the guided meditation and in every step we took we could feel the energy of spirit getting closer. The teacher asked us to remove ourselves and allow for spirit to take over and write through us. As we continued with the exercises I wrote the next sentence:

I ask myself the question, why? Why are we not taught about this daunting and inevitable reality? Why do we suffer the way we do when this is just part of the cycle of life. This is because it is our human nature to carry on our beloved loved ones beyond the human plane into the eternity of the truth of life.

As we continue with the exercises I felt as if the writing was flowing much easier through me not by me and now each time I was given a word or a set of words the messages would come through almost instantly:

As the wind carries my tears to be dried by the rays of sun I feel like a different person. I have allowed for my soul to reach its level of reason and have settled into the idea of learning a different way to connect with you. A new way of love and understanding surfaces from this experience and I embrace it.

Before my internet crashed one final time I wrote this final message and I felt it was just perfect to close my connection with spirit and my loved ones:

I flow like the wind in my dreams drifting away from the physical world trying to get closer to you. As I reach the point where I find you I realize that I have found myself as we are all one. I finally comprehend that you have always been me and I have always been you, I stop and continue simultaneously and the light within me blends with your energy that is me. I’m humbled with the experience.

This last message gave me a great deal of closure and peace as I had been struggling with the passing of my cousin exactly 1 year yesterday.

I highly recommend this class to anyone with the desire to deepen their connection to the spirit world. There is different ways to do so, and inspirational writing is indeed one of my favorite ones.