Checking in, party of 1


As the afternoon sun approached the tenderness of the ocean. I decided to excuse myself from the rest of the world and seclude my soul into the welcoming sounds of the waves, the soft kisses of the wind and the reflection of the beautiful blue sky.

An attempt to meditate led me to a walking contemplation of my surroundings. With one step in front of the other I summered my most intimate thoughts and set them free. I allowed for my senses to take everything in and made a conscious effort to be present.

My first reflection took me through the metaphoric comparison of my walk and what life represented to me. The experiences, challenges and opportunities encountered in the journey of life and how we have choices in deciding which terrain we wanted to take and how fast or slow we wanted to go. How the idea of being free could become something more abteinable by the simple shift of my perception.

This was followed by my second reflection about how I was noticing characteristics of my personality based on the decisions I was making during my walk. I noticed that from the moment I started my stroll, I never looked back. I had a goal in mind and the only thing that existed was  the moving forward without looking back. I also noticed that I was comfortable with experimenting spontaneous things like getting in the ocean without thinking  that my pants were going to get wet.

This date with myself helped me find answers to many lingering questions and filled my heart with beautiful healing energy. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to do this at any given time.