The gentle voice of spirit…


What a beautiful morning I spent in nature with spirit. I’m currently In Naples, FL and had a chance to blend in with spirit in a different environment during my Sunday morning Inspirational Writing class.

The nature and magnificence of the outdoor view was just breathtaking and facilitated the flow of communication between myself and my loving guides. As we started warming up with words and sentences as usual, I initiated my conversation with spirt with these words of gratitude:

I’m happy that my eyes opened up to the beauty of nature

The colors, sounds and light were playing with each other as children on a playground.

As I take in the beauty of nature, it’s vibrant colors seduce my senses while the wind flirts with the branches of every tree. The pines sing in unison while the birds try blending with the movements


My view from my window

Why can’t we all allow ourselves to flow as nature has found its way to do so. Why is it so hard to blend in unison with all that is and allow for acceptance to take over our actions towards harmony. We are one, we are free, I am one with all my senses, I am free with all my actions. I let go and blend in. I am free and I live in unison with nature.

Blending my source with nature

Blending my source with nature

I can recognize my energy shifting and harmonizing flawlessly with all that is.

As I walk the path of creation my flesh recognizes the energy that created the leaves of the trees that surround me. We are both energy manifested in different forms keeping its pure harmony untouched. The flowers generously share their scent as my sense gently recognize its softness. We give and receive in a harmonious rhythm.

Bougainvilleas in the garden

Bougainvilleas in the garden

Our tutor guides us through a lovely meditation that allows for a clearer communication with our guides:

Energy, the simplest yet most powerful source of our existence. Energy, the representation of intensity or yet the lack there of. Energy, the definition of the presence of the intangible but yet so real. It is all we are but yet we can’t understand its origin. It is all that fuels us but yet cant understand where does it find its “own” fuel. We simply are energy and that is all I need to understand.

My guides show me in a subtle way my own greatness and insignificance simultaneously. How as energy I have never ceased to exist and how  I will always be:

I was part of the first speck of energy that brought light into the world and I will be part of the energy that will transform the world into another dimension. I’m the origin, the evolution and the transmutation of humanity and I will stand still while I move towards change.

They take their time to point out the difference between dimensions, how time is linear different to our physical dimension that is measured by time:

As I view the world from the dimension of truth and timelessness I understand that there is no place for “first” and “last” when defining who we are and what we are here for. I just need to be, feel and see through the eyes of love. Be love as is the true definition of thy self. Love is timeless therefore I’m timeless.

I’m finally guided to the most powerful message of the day when they close by talking to me about love and with same clarifying any unclear message I might have received previously.

I can clearly feel now that energy is love, what fuels energy is love, what keeps me going is love and what created me in the first place is unconditional love. Thank you for guiding me through this journey of gentle understanding where the words are no longer needed when you make me feel the love you have for me. Love, is the source of my being. Love is energy. I am Love.