Healing your body, mind & soul with Reiki

reiki-catAs I prepare myself to give Reiki to a loved one that underwent surgery this month, I take this opportunity to talk a little bit about what Reiki is and how we can all benefit from this wonderful practice.

Reiki is a healing technique based on the concept that the practitioner can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Before you can provide Reiki to another person it is recommended that you are in an optimal emotional/spiritual state of mind. It becomes more difficult to become a channel to energy for another person when you yourself needs healing. Whenever I don’t feel my best, I refrain from performing Reiki as I want to give the receiver the purest and most powerful energy that I can canalize through my hands.

My favorite way for performing Reiki is by touch, however depending on the circumstances I utilize beaming and/or distant healing. I usually start my sessions by magnifying the Reiki energy using the symbol of  “Chokurei”. I do this symbol three times when preparing to start my session and will repeat it during the session if I need more Reiki energy to flow.

Chokurei Symbol for local (on touch) Reiki

Chokurei symbol to enhance and magnify the Reiki energy.

Another symbol that I enjoy utilizing is “Seiheki”. If the receiver expresses that they have emotional challenges to overcome or if I perceive it during a session I will  utilize “Seiheki” as this symbol is utilized for the mental and emotional healing. Usually, I will follow “Seiheki” with a “Chokurei” symbol. It is important to note that most physical illnesses stem from an emotional pattern. Is the way our bodies express that there is something that needs our attention. This is why, in most cases when performing a Reiki session it is important that the practitioner and the receiver are both aware and open to any emotional release that can manifest and that as the practitioner we help the receiver to release these emotions.

Seiheki utilized for mental and emotional healing

Seiheki symbol  for mental and emotional healing

Now, when distance is a factor, I utilize the “Hon Sha Sho Nen” symbol. I usually visualize the receiver and utilize my right leg as my receiver’s body. I do “Hon Sha Sho Nen” three times and complete it with a “Chokurei” symbol. “Hon Sha Sho Nen” i s timeless and spaceless. The illusion of time and space ceases to exist when the “Hon Sha Sho Nen” is utilized therefore it allows for the Reiki energy to travel without limits. It doesn’t matter the location or if the Reiki is been sent to the past, present or future.

"Hon Sha Sho Nen" symbol allows for Reiki to travel in time and space

“Hon Sha Sho Nen” symbol allows for Reiki to travel across time and space

So far, these are the symbols that I have been initiated with as currently I’m still a practitioner preparing to become a Reiki Master. I will write an article once I go through my Reiki Master certification and will share my experience and the new symbols learned.