My New Journey with the Akashic Records

akashicFor those that have not heard about what the Akashic Records are, these are known as the database that contains everything, the library of life, the volt that contains every thought, every word, every event and every life that has ever existed. It contains our past, present and future and all of its possibilities. The records are protected by the Lords of the Akashic Records.

As part of my learning path, I decided last year to take the Level I to become an Akashic Records Consultant. In this level the focus was mainly in ourselves and learning how to access our own records. One of the most interesting things that I discovered was that the answers to the same questions were significantly different when having the records open and when not.

There are different ways to access these records, some do by meditating, however I was taught to do it by prayer. I was given a prayer that provides us with the access to the records in a very subtle way.

Before I started my Level II my teacher asked me the following questions to which I sent her the following answers:

1) What is most important for me to know about my life today?
To find a way to live more free and how I was meant to live.
2) Please describe what unconditional love feels like to you.
Unconditional love is  the type of love that doesn’t possess any judgment. It is accepting, caring and wishes always nothing for the best.
3) What inspires you to learn how to connect with your Akashic Records?
My need to develop a better relationship with source and to access my own guidance and depend less on the external indicators. The Akashic Records can assist me and the healing of thy self and others and as a tool to assist me on my mediumship development.

During our session, she asked for me to access my records and asked me the same question in addition to others and I received the following answer:

1) What is most important for me to know about my life today?

That you are fully supported, that you are taking the steps necessary to follow your bliss. To be patient, loving and accepting and with that you will allow for what is meant to be to reach your heart.

2) Please describe what gratitude feels like to them.

Gratitude is the flow of creation, the field that translates love into action. Is the wave that brings about more of what we are made of and continues till eternity.

3) Please describe what unconditional love feels like to them.

It goes hand in hand with gratitude. It is the whole, what motivates gratitude. It is the source of life. It is hope. We are unconditional Love. We are whole. We are creation.

I noticed these differences between having my records opened vs closed:

  • I had no need to think about any of the questions asked
  • The answers were given to me instantaneously
  • The answers would come in third person instead of first
  • The answers had a deeper message

Developing the ability to access our own Akashic Records should be a skill that we should all develop due to the great benefits and blessings that its guidance can bring into our lives. I will continue to post my journey during my path to becoming a Consultant in hopes to help, teach and open up your curiosity and interest in accessing your own records.