Knocking on spiritual doors! (Arthur Findlay College)


Humble beginnings to an exciting new journey


“We all survive death,” says Steven Upton, the spokesperson and healer at Arthur Findlay College, England.

When I lost my 21-year-old cousin in a tragic car accident last year, in my grief, I became obsessed with the idea of finding out a way to communicate with her. Through my research, I stumbled upon the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ conference and after reading through the profiles of all presenters, I found the one of John Holland the most interesting. He carefully explained what a ‘medium’ was and that’s when I first heard about Arthur Findlay College (AFC), the institution where John had gotten his mediumistic training from.

Since then, I have directed all my energies towards going to AFC and developing my abilities as a medium. Now, the time has come to achieve this milestone by spending the next week at the world’s biggest and foremost spiritualist school. Before I share with you more details about the unique course I am going to be studying to hone my skills, let me share with you a bit about the legacy of this college.

Arthur Findlay College was established in 1964 for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences. This grand Alma Matter is nestled in the lustrous estates of Essex, 40 miles from London. For over 50 years, this academy has been fueling the spiritualist movement as a residential center where aspiring students, like me, can professionally study and learn about Spiritualist philosophy, mediumistic abilities and healing and intuitive awareness.


People say, that AFC is the real life Hogwarts from the movie Harry Potter. At various platforms, people who have experienced AFC talk about stories of there being a possibility of inviting ‘visitors’ in your room at night. All this has fuelled my curiosity and I am really looking forward to this new experience in store for me.


Class at AFC

Academically, the college offers a specular number of 80 courses in a year and welcomes around 5000 students from all around the world. The best part about this college is that is has over 50 approved tutors who rigorously work towards training aspirants. To add to the learning experience, one gets a chance to interact with specialists who are called for guest lectures on the campus.

One such teacher who caught my attention to take up this specific course is Glyn Edwards. He taught intensive mediumistic training and development and according to many people that I spoke to, he was absolutely outstanding at it. I was eager to break out of my comfort zone and expose myself to rigorous training for 12 hours a day. I simply love the workshop style learning that is used at AFC for training and development. It helps you to really learn and improve your skill at the same time.

Unfortunately Glyn passed away to the higher life on 31st May 2015. As much as I feel sad about the missing the chance to meet him and learn from him, I decided to stick to my plan of attending AFC and not let any excuse hinder my determination.

So here I am, just a few days away from opening up to my new journey, one that is going to be a great stepping-stone in taking my mediumistic abilities to the next level. I am so enthusiastic to meet like-minded folks from different parts of the world, all coming together to learn more, do more and dream more. I have realized now that what started out as an attempt to connect with my cousin, has now turned into a higher purpose of touching lives and helping other people cope with their own grief.

Hence I am going to go to this college with an open mind and heart with the goal of developing my connection with spirit. I am going to absorb everything that spirit think I am ready for and humbly take back with me all the learning I receive. I feel truly honored to witness this miracle of life, which allows people to keep the communication and love open between the two worlds. I want to use the skills developed here to help others find their true self with a holistic approach.

I always aim to provide the most compassionate and loving connection to my clients and the more I develop my own connection to spirit, I can be a better mediator and pass along their messages of love to my clients.

Along with all this excitement and rigor, I do have nervous butterflies in my stomach as well. A real life Hogwarts, as they say, can get intimidating right? But I have decided to take the leap and face my fears. Perhaps this anxiety will keep me on my toes round the clock and push me to improve myself and do better.

There has never been a better time to do this. Right now spiritualism is experiencing its biggest spike in popularity in 100 years. Many people are increasingly turning towards spiritualism to ease their worries and help lead a more positive life. We must allow life and spirit to guide us when circumstances present themselves. Everything that has happened in my life has not been ‘to’ me but ‘for’ me; allowing an opportunity to expose my mind, body and soul to different possibilities for a simple purpose- to serve humanity. So here I go, ready to unfold the next chapter of learning and serving anyone in need through the wisdom of a new world.

AFC here I come!


Lorena Rosario