Walking, Journaling and Meditation…

IMG_4187Planning an activity for a group is almost as fun as the activity itself! A week before the event I went to the park to map out the walking trail and the spot for our talks, journaling and meditation.

While walking part of the path I started noticing my walking pattern and it was emulating certain characteristics of my own personality. I noticed how I would tend to walk closer to the water and how I would prefer to walk in different terrains. In my life, I tend to push myself to the edge and love experimenting with new ideas. I thought to myself how interesting this was and noted it to share with group the next week.

The end of the first mapped area  took me to  a small spot surrounded by rocks, sand and crystal clear water. I was immediately in love with the energy and the scenery and was inspired with material to share with the group while in this location.

This area felt sacred. Overlooking Fisher island, the infinite ocean carrying the reflection of the beautiful blue sky and sun light. I declared  the area a “MUST DO” Meditation Zone!

 I continued my walk and marked down other great spaces to sit and get transformational breakthroughs with my clients. I take pride with what I do and I commit to providing a genuine and supportive space for everyone that works with me.

A week later, with perfect weather and an amazing group, we started the introductions and everyone’s reason to have joined the walk. After the brief introduction, we started our walk in silence. I gave them a simple task to focus on during their walk and followed the first trail.

We spent a great amount of time enjoying the amazing display of nature and peace in the area. After journaling about several topics discussed. I guided our group meditation and completed the first part of our journey with a second task to contemplate and focus on during the second part of the walk.


 One of the most common words utilized to describe the experience was FREEDOM. There is something magical about being in nature with likeminded people. Feeling all of the surroundings and taking it all in with all of our senses. Feeling as we traveled thousand of miles away yet so close to the city. We can all recreate a similar experience as long as we can recreate it in our minds as all that we see is created by our own perception.


We shared, laughed, cried and had great breathroughs to commit to. In the last part of the walk we all committed to one activity to do so in the week and we all agreed to hold each other accountable. One of the greatest keys in achieving your goals is having the support and accountability from someone. You can choose you a friend, a family member or a coach to do so.

With smiles and hugs we had to say “Hasta Luego” as we know that we will see each other soon! So now, I will go over several tips that you could take from this experience:

  1. Visit nature more often
  2. Find likeminded people to share it with
  3. Set an intention and try walking in silence so that you can focus on it
  4. leave your technology at home or the car!
  5. Commit to one activity to do in the next week
  6. Select someone such as a friend, family member or coach to hold you accountable
  7. Have Fun with the transformation!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out! You can book a Free 30-Minute Session with me get to your next level!