5 Myths of Holistic Entrepreneurship

5 Myths of

If your passion has always been to become a full time yoga instructor, nutritionist, spiritual counselor, massage therapist, holistic medicine provider, healer, intuitive psychic, medium, or a variety of other metaphysical occupations, don’t let myths keep you from following your passion and your life’s purpose.


Have you ever felt stuck in a dead end or unfulfilling job while you really, secretly want to do something else. Have you always wanted to become a holistic entrepreneur but certain limiting beliefs held you back? Once you get over the beliefs that are holding you back, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re ready, willing, and able to share your gifts and talents with the world.


Maybe you have already made the leap to offer your talents, but do not quite understand how to you grow your business. How do you make potential customers see that holistic and metaphysical services are more than just crystals, meditation and tree hugging? Better yet, how do you grow your business by finding potential customers? Unless you already have a built in platform through popular books or TV shows it’s hard to get noticed.   Just remember the ‘big names’ started somewhere. They built their platform and audience just like you are. You have every right to speak to bigger crowds and make a difference in more people’s lives than your current reach allows.


But first, you need to break through the myths – both personally and professionally. All holistic entrepreneurs go through the same challenges due to the nature of the services we offer. Limiting beliefs held me back for many, many years. I broke through this barrier, which is why I am sharing five myths I encountered on the road to holistic entrepreneurship freedom so you can shift your own perceptions and achieve amazing results.




Myth #1: I Need To Share My Gift For Free


I love when somebody tells me:


“If God gave you this gift why do you charge?”


Funny right? This is one of the main reasons why people with amazing gifts keep those gifts to themselves or don’t share them as much because  are made feel guilty for charging. If you don’t charge for your gifts, you won’t be able to grow your business. Don’t feel bad for charging! Think about all the wonderful holistic entrepreneurs out there. Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue. They all charge for their services. They are their own business just like artists, writers, and singers. Do people complain that artists, writers, and singers charge for their services? No one really says:


“write me that book for free” or “paint me that picture for free.”


The same goes for holistic entrepreneurs. Do not share your talents and gifts for free unless you really want to! I know this is a hard myth to overcome, but it is essential if you are going to grow your business. Instead of thinking you are selfish for charging for your gifts, think of it this way – You are actually being selfish if you don’t charge the world for your gifts. When you don’t charge, you’re not able to reach more people. Without some form of income, you cannot grow your business. If you can’t grow your business, you might as well just keep your 9 to 5 job and call it a day.


Ask yourself:


“Is it fair to the world if I don’t share my amazing God given abilities? Am I being truthful with the universe and the source if I don’t share my abilities?”


Sharing your unique and personal gifts brings healing, love, and a deeper connection in the world. Why hold that back just because you’re worried about charging a fee?




Myth #2: The More Specialties The Better


When you first had the idea of becoming a holistic entrepreneur, you may have thought to yourself:


“you know I’m going to provide a one stop shop of holistic services to my clients. I will learn absolutely every single specialty out there so my clients just need to reach out to me and only me.”


The truth is if you promote yourself as providing a lot of different services, then you are not perceived as an expert in any particular field. I know it sounds scary but sometimes narrowing down your niche and available services into a specific group gives you more credibility.


Holistic entrepreneurs that dedicate their time, efforts and studies to one specialty tend to be much more successful than those that offer an overly broad, non specific range of services. Don’t feel bad if you fall into the ‘broad non specific’ range.


The good news is that all your studying and education prepared you for figuring out which niche is your true calling. I have many certifications and have taken numerous courses in a wide variety of studies and practices. All of this helped me figure out what line of service I want to dedicate my time to. Everything else serves as a great tool to complement what I chose to focus on. You follow me?


If you want to offer a wide range of services in your holistic practice, consider teaming up with other holistic providers and grow your practice together. This is a great way to complement your services while finding like minded people. Networking in any field is essential. The same is true for holistic entrepreneurs.


Myth #3: I Have To Start Small


It hurts my ears and heart when I hear some of you wonderful holistic entrepreneurs saying:


“I need to start small!”


My question to you reading this right now is why? Why do you think you need to start small when your gift is pounding out of you trying to reach the world? I get there’s a lot of things involved in becoming a business owner from creating invoices, doing your taxes, and more. It can seem and feel overwhelming but, trust me, it is so, so worth it.


YOU are worth it.


We live in a time where time, space, and geographical location doesn’t stand in our way of reaching people. In fact, now-a-days, it’s easier than ever to reach people in need of your holistic services. Even if social media, websites, and building a brand all sound daunting, you can learn. More importantly, you can provide your services all over the world. Why start small if you don’t have to?


Myth # 4: I’m Not Stressed Out, I Meditate


Just because we’re holistic entrepreneurs doesn’t mean we’re immune to the stresses of life. Just because we’re connected a little more strongly to the Spirit than most people doesn’t mean that meditation can do away with paying bills, mortgages, putting food on the table, and all the other things that come with living.


Holistic entrepreneurs experience the same stress as any other business owner. Yes, meditation is a great tool to combat stress and develop a stronger spirituality, but it doesn’t solve every single one of life’s problems. Keeping a mental, spiritual, and physical balance is quite important. If you’re not balanced, you can’t provide a quality service. “We are spiritual beings living a human existence”. Keep this in mind. If we don’t, how can we provide the best of us and the best of our connection with source and the universe?


Myth #5: This Is Just A Hobby


Sometimes I used to hide behind the idea of my holistic work being a hobby or past time. The concept I was feeding myself that this is just a hobby was a self limiting belief and has nothing to do with the trade. Many holistic entrepreneurs have taken the leap of faith from “hobby” to career.


Exploring the unknown and leaving a comfortable 9 to 5 existence is scary, but you need to be strong enough to realize that if you don’t make the leap, you won’t be able to fully experience the transformation  your gifts will bring to others. I encourage you to write a list of 5 reasons you believe your holistic practice is just a hobby followed by reasons you believe these statements. After you’ve finished, take the same reasons and shift them 180 degrees. For example:


” This is a hobby because I do not make enough money to maintain myself.”


The explanation to the statement is:


” I do not know anyone doing holistic services that actually lives off of their gifts.”


Shift the statement from negative to positive. For example:


” I make more than enough money to leave my job whenever I decide to.”


The new explanation of this new belief would be:


” I truly believe in my heart that if I focus 100% with my time and efforts the same way I dedicate myself to my full-time job, I know I can make huge strides and success in my holistic business.”


Sounds easy, right? You’ll learn a lot about your mindset by writing down your reasons and shifting them from negative to positive. This is a great method to utilize whenever you have limiting beliefs. Try it with any of the MYTHS mentioned or any other that is haunting you!



Starting your own business is never a venture to be taken lightly. There are tons of planning and preparation involved. At the same time, don’t let myths hold you back from your true potential to help others.

Being a holistic entrepreneur not only will bring peace, love, and joy to your own life, but to those you help. Don’t be afraid to share your gifts with the world! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer!