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5 Myths of

5 Myths of Holistic Entrepreneurship

If your passion has always been to become a full time yoga instructor, nutritionist, spiritual counselor, massage therapist, holistic medicine provider, healer, intuitive psychic, medium, or a variety of other metaphysical occupations, don’t let myths keep you from following your passion and your life’s purpose.   Have you ever felt stuck in a dead end […]

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Walking, Journaling and Meditation…

Planning an activity for a group is almost as fun as the activity itself! A week before the event I went to the park to map out the walking trail and the spot for our talks, journaling and meditation. While walking part of the path I started noticing my walking pattern and it was emulating certain characteristics […]

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Knocking on spiritual doors! (Arthur Findlay College)

Humble beginnings to an exciting new journey When I lost my 21-year-old cousin in a tragic car accident last year, in my grief, I became obsessed with the idea of finding out a way to communicate with her. Through my research, I stumbled upon the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ conference and after reading […]

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Time will pass regardless…

A friend of mine started with the “Time will pass regardless” joke for everything that was happening around us. It became the “go to” phrase to justify why we should not worry about anything and just let things be as “Time” was going to pass no matter what. Every time we would talk about this […]

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A chat with my guide…

About a week ago, one of the most special people in my life was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in a one year. I think that the best word that could define what I have been feeling is “anger”. I know that I could have said “confusion”, “sadness”, “fear” but no, I can […]

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