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Spiritual Consultations

Angel Card Readings


Angel card readings are similar to any Tarot or Oracle Deck, the only difference is that the guidance that we receive come from the Angels. Just focus on either a question or situation and allow for the angels to provide you with guidance.

The Angels are happy to help with your life issues. All you have to do is ask!



Akashic Records Consultation


Akashic Records are the blueprint, the book of your soul. The Akashic Records contain the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. At the time a soul begins to experience life as an independent entity, a field of energy is created to record every thought, word, intent, emotion, and deed generated by that soul.

An Akashic Records consultation consists on accessing and opening the book of  your soul. The Akashic Records consultant will tell the client exactly what they see or hear or sometimes feel.  Never interpreting by saying what they think the information means to the client.


The following are some examples of how to phrase questions for your consultation:

1.  What is my Soul’s intention regarding the pattern of _________?
2.  How can I open my heart to ___________?
3.  What is blocking me from ______________________?
… attracting and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship?
… creating/attracting/accepting and maintaining the abundance & prosperity of the   Universe?
… moving forward with _________?
4. Please give me insight into the situation of __________.
5. What do I need to release to _____________?
… learn to trust myself?
… accept myself and feel whole and complete?

These are only samples of how to phrase questions.  Allow your questions to come from your heart.


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